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Seamless Gutters

Here’s an example of a copper gutter installation on Ryan A.’s Home in Wenham, MA. Copper is becoming one of the most popular American gutters. At A&A, we install clog free gutters seamless to any length, and we back them with a lifetime written warranty against clogging. Why do you need gutters on your house?

1. To prevent rotting on the side of the house – People ask us all the time, “Does my home need gutters?” The answer is that most homes need gutters in certain spots to prevent water from getting behind the siding which causes rot. A house that rots in more than just a couple spots can be extremely expensive to fix and can be easily avoided by investing in gutters. To the right is a picture of rot we were repairing that has ravaged the side of a house in Gloucester, MA.

2. To stop erosion next to the foundation – Gutters also prevent water from cascading next to the homes foundation, which erodes soil and causes all kinds of damage to the foundation itself. Over time, the wall of water that crashes near the foundation can lead to leaky basements and roots growing into the side of the concrete. Seamless Gutters

3. So water doesn’t fall near a exterior doorway – Ever arrive at a house when it is raining, run to the door as fast as you can, avoid getting wet for the most part, only to get hit by a waterfall of water over the door on the way in? This is because the house you ran into probably needs new gutters to stop it from happening.

4. Because your old ones fell off – Chances are good that if your home came with gutters in the first place and they are rotted off, than you definitely need new gutters. If your house had gutters and they took enough of a pounding to be falling off, you are risking huge damage to your home. The bracket to the right is a Gutter Shutter bracket, and is the biggest bracket you can get. The Gutter Shutter is guaranteed not to fall off your home for 20 years. Seamless Gutters

5. To Protect Gardens close to the home – The bracket to the right provides a six inch over hang underneath the roof line. According to the Boston Globe, “One is to make sure there is at least a 6-inch-wide roof overhang.” (when choosing gutters). The bracket A&A uses with the clog free gutters they install is pictured to the right and supports the gutter from front to back.