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Vinyl Windows

When it comes to replacing the windows on your home, we know there’s a lot to consider. Trust us – for over 40 years, our job has been to know what’s best for our customers! We consider what makes one product superior to another, which products will fare best in Salem’s climate, how effectively the manufacturer’s window seals your home to how effectively the finish inspires jealousy in your neighbors (kidding – but we know aesthetics matter!). For four decades, Boston’s North Shore has trusted A&A Services to deliver results when it comes to superior window replacement. 

Our vendor of choice when it comes to window replacement is Vanguard Windows by Sunrise. In this blog, we’ll discuss who makes Vanguard Windows, where they come from (and why it matters), and what specifically sets these particular vinyl windows apart from the competition. We believe choosing Vanguard Windows for your window replacement project will add consistent quality to everyday life. You can reach out here to get your free consultation.

Now, let’s start with some background.


Who makes Vanguard Windows?

The manufacturer of Vanguard Windows is Sunrise Windows. Founded in 1994, Sunrise Windows began making a name for themselves in large part due to their innovative designs, attention to detail, and the quality of the craftsmanship. Today, their windows are sold in 37 states and across parts of Canada. 

Sunrise Windows has picked up a number of awards over the last 25+ years, routinely garnering attention from the U.S. government’s EnergyStar program. As recently as 2021, Vanguard Windows model is named as one of the year’s most efficient in the categories of Vertical Slider, Horizontal Slider, Casement Style and Fixed/Picture windows. Sunrise Windows stands behind their line of Vanguard Windows, offering a lifetime warranty against breakage with their TotalCare Warranty program. The windows are fortified and fibreglass-reinforced, without sacrificing beauty for utility. It’s just one reason why their tagline is “A view that works™”.

Add to this the fact that Sunrise Windows offer, on average, 27% more viewing area than their competitors. Did we mention their warranties are transferable to the next homeowner because they absolutely are! It’s this kind of unbeatable, client-centered consideration from Sunrise Windows that makes A&A Services proud to install their Vanguard Windows line.


Where are Sunrise Windows made?

The high-end products that Sunrise Windows produces are made here in America, with production taking place at the Temperance, Michigan manufacturing facility. If the recent instability of the global shipping chain has taught us anything, it’s that supply lines that run outside of the country are no substitute for domestic production. 

A&A Services strongly believes in supporting American-based businesses. We are a country full of innovators and mavericks, visionaries and craftsmen; Vanguard’s vinyl window frames are a great example of what we’re capable of accomplishing. With impeccable design, countless combinations of options, and eye-catching finishes, Vanguard Windows by Sunrise are the best choice for high-quality domestic windows. 


What makes Vanguard Windows better than others?

In February 2022, we talked about the importance of energy-efficient windows. While many window makers use the same kind of insulated glass for all windows in their production lines, Vanguard’s special Latitude Glass puts Vanguard windows in a category all their own in terms of energy efficiency. These high-performance insulated glass systems are available with varying layers of reflective, metallic shields: 6-layer (Passive U), 8-layer (Ultra U Plus), 12-layer (Omega 12), and 16-layer (AR90 and KR90). Latitude Glass allows us to outfit your home with a window package that determines how much light you let in and how visible the inside of your home is from the curb. With options ranging from 80% clear (very clear) to 46% clear (highly reflective), Latitude Glass puts the homeowner in total control. 


NFRC Rating
Sunrise is also an industry leader recognized by the National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC). The NFRC is an independent non-profit organization that establishes objective performance ratings for windows, doors, and skylights. It’s a point of pride for Vanguard Windows to display their performance characteristics with a physical label – it’s proof of “how” and “where” these products were tested. (Purchase windows without this label at your own risk!). It’s that kind of responsible, reliable transparency that gives our clients the confidence to regularly choose A&A Services, and by proxy, Vanguard Windows.

Energy Label

Low-E Window Coating

The optional Interior Low-E coating keeps heat from escaping your home (useful in Salem’s frosty fall/winter seasons!). It’s also durable, scratch-resistant, and exceptionally simple to clean. Add to this other metrics for measuring performance: Vanguard Double Hung Windows, for example, have an air infiltration rate of .02 (a fraction of the industry norm, when compared with Pella Proline’s .30).

Air Infiltration Ratings

Highly Secure Residential Windows

Vanguard windows are built to be as efficient as they are secure. As per their brochure

“Vanguard windows are built for both superior energy efficiency and security. The mortised locks and night latches allow you to vent your window without worry. The polyurethane foam filled window frame provides an R-value of 7.14 — equivalent to the insulation level of a wood window with a frame that is 16″ deep. When combined with your choice of low-e glass packages, Vanguard windows reach a U-factor as low as .16.”


Do Vanguard Windows lower energy costs?

By choosing Vanguard Windows, you can lower your energy costs by combining state-of-the-art window panes with the tight seals of their design-focused vinyl window frames. Vanguard Windows are built with efficiency and energy conservation in mind, as demonstrated in detail above. This can translate to lower costs for heating (and, when summer rolls around, cooling) your home.

But the windows themselves are only half of the equation. Quality, reliable installation, like the kind A&A Services has been providing North Shore homeowners for decades, means using the right products in combination with time-tested techniques. After more than 40 years, we have seen the dramatic effects Vanguard Windows have had on the energy costs in homes that used these windows to replace old ones. The energy savings can be substantial.


A&A Services in Salem, MA

For Salem, MA, and Boston’s North Shore, A&A Services is an established expert in the community for window replacement. We’re proud to be able to offer Vanguard Windows to all of our customers and doubly proud of the warranties Sunrise Windows provides. We believe they are the most energy-efficient and affordable windows in the market today. A&A Services offers a wide variety of styles to choose from while giving our clients a number of financing options that fit your budget and your vision.

Ready to get started? Give us a call today at 978-741-0424.