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2021. FINALLY. What a year just had. Only a few short weeks ago, we were waiving 2020 out with gusto, yelling, “don’t let the door hit you on the way out!” As 2021 ushers in all sorts of new opportunities and experiences, we want to help make sure you’re set to receive them- literally! You see, your front door is much like New Year’s. It’s always waving bye to those leaving and hello to those you receive. If your faulty front door were a year, it would be 2020- full of unexpected and unwelcome disturbances! Keep yours well maintained, repaired as needed, and in great shape.

Your front door is often overlooked on your home maintenance checklist, but if left overlooked, you could be setting yourself up for a lot of headache. Regardless of whether your front door is made from steel, wood or fiberglass, we have a few reasons as to why prioritizing your front door maintenance should be one of your New Year’s resolutions:


Safety is always at the top of our lists, so it’s no surprise it’s at the top of this one. A damaged door makes you and your home more vulnerable to break-ins and unwanted guests (human and non!) If you’re not sure about the integrity of your door, let us take a look and make sure you’re as safe as you can be.

Aesthetics & Value

While appearances don’t always matter, with your home they do. Your front door should enhance the look of your home as well as make good impressions on guests and potential buyers (if you’re trying to sell). If your threshold has seen better days, you could be sending the wrong message or, or even compromising your home’s value. Keep in mind that while some doors can benefit from repair, some will simply need to be replaced. Either way, you can trust A&A services to help you decide if your exterior door just needs a little work, or if it’s time for a new one.

Energy Efficiency

It is what’s inside that counts and what’s inside is you! Repairing even minor drafts, cracks, or seals ensures that your home can stay comfortable all year long. In keeping cool and warm air where it should be, you’re not only going to make your family more comfortable, but you’ll keep your HVAC system from working harder to compensate for lost heating and cooling. By the way- wooden doors are especially vulnerable to Salem weather with our very cold, wet and windy winters, and hot, muggy, summers. While more weather tolerant, steel and fiberglass doors can lose stability as your home ages or settles. Make sure to get yours checked out occasionally so we can attend to minor issues before they become real problems.

Since the New Year is the perfect time to focus on “you”, make it a priority to give yourself some peace-of-mind. Give our door experts at A&A Services a call to ensure your front door is in the best shape to welcome all the joys (and hopefully guests, once the time comes) that we hope 2021 will bring into your home. Perhaps you’ve been thinking about that creaking front door for a while, or you’ve noticed the door’s weatherstripping is doing less weathering and more stripping. Maybe you don’t notice anything wrong, but you’re looking for a preventative plan to keep it that way. Whatever you need, let A&A Services help. We’ve all got such grand plans for this year, so let us make sure you have a safe, beautiful, and comfortable door through which you can welcome each day as it comes!

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