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window replacement


A previous client of ours in Peabody called us about replacing a number of double-hung windows around their home, as well as a couple of sill faces.


The client needed 5 new double-hung windows installed in the home, including 2 in the family room, 1 in the bathroom, and 2 in one of the bedrooms. In addition to the 5 windows that needed to be replaced, 3 of them needed new pressure-treated sills, including the family room windows and the “B-side” bedroom window.

The crew began by removing the old windows from their frames. They needed to carefully score the interior and exterior trim in order to get the windows cleanly out of the side of the home. Once each window was out of its frame, the crew scored away the old window sills to make room for the new pressure treated sills. After the exterior install of the sill face was done, the crew got to work on installing the 5 new windows.

The first thing that needed to be done to install the new windows was determining which windows needed fresh insulation. In addition to adding new insultation around all the windows, the window weight pockets, which is where the weights that keep the windows from falling forward sit, needed to be insulated as well.
window replacement
After the window frames were properly insulated, the crew got to work installing the 5 new windows. Once they were all in place, the crew needed to replace the interior and exterior trim, including the casings and side jambs. After re-attaching all of the trim, the crew caulked around the windows to ensure they were properly sealed, in addition to being properly insulated.

The crew finished off the job by vacuuming inside of the home, and making sure the lawn was free of nails and screws by using the maganetic rake!