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Home Repairs


A repeat customer of A&A’s from Lynn reached back out to us looking for a number of different repairs on their home.

Home Repairs


We sent over our Salesman, Sean Luddy, to Lynn to give our client an estimate for the work. Our client reached out to us to get an estimate on replacing 12 windows around their home, as well as a possible roof replacement, and an entry door as well. Sean discussed the entire scope of the work with our clients to help them decide what needed to be replaced as soon as possible and what could wait. After going over all of the work with Sean, our clients decided that they would replace the the gutters on the front of the home, reflash their chimney, and replace two entry doors on the front part of their home. Sean needed to take measurements for the clients two new entry doors so he could have the doors custom-built to fit the frames. After collecting the dimensions of the door frame, Sean came back to the showroom to put order the materials.

Home Repairs

Once the doors came into the showroom, the crew headed over to Lynn to start on the project. To begin, the crew worked on replacing our clients gutter system on the front-side of their home. Our client needed 31′ of gutters installed on the front of the home, as well as two new downspout systems on the left and right sides. After the gutter system had been attached to the home, the crew caulked the gutter to the home to prevent water from seeping behind and rotting out the fascia board.

Next, the crew re-flashed our clients chimney. While they initially called us looking to replace their entire roof, upon further inspection, Sean decided that the roof was in pretty good shape and would be able to last a few more years with some spot repairs. The chimney however, needed to be re-flashed to protect itself and the roof deck from water damage. The crew needed to grind out the old lead flashing that was in place to apply the new lead. After installing the new lead into the chimney, the crew laid down the asphalt shignles around the base of the chimney. Once the shingles were in place, the crew sealed up the area with geocell sealant to ensure no water could seep in through the flashing and cause our clients water damage.

After re-flashing the chimney, the crew got to work on the spot repairs on the roof. There was a pipe boot on the roof that was damaged, which the crew replaced and re-sealed. The crew also sealed down a few isolated shingles that were lifting away from the roof slightly, and they sealed all of those areas with geocell to ensure it would be water tight. Sean’s assessment and decision means that our client’s will be able to wait a few additional years before replacing their entire roof, which they were pleased to hear.

After the work on the exterior of the home was done, the crew needed to install our clients new entry doors. First, the two previous entry doors needed to be removed and disposed of. After that, the crew got to work on installing the new doors in their places. The doors our client decided on were Therma-tru Smooth-Star series, with a 1/2 glass pane for the exterior, and full glass for the interior. The doors both came with brass hardware, and our client requested new trim be installed around most of the frames. On the interior of the inner door, our clients requested that our crew try to salvage their interior trim, but they requested we install various kinds of trim on the other sections of the doors, such as brick moulding. After that, the crew installed new PVC kickboard’s under the inner and outer doors. They fitted each kickboard with Ice and Water shield, as well as aluminum flashing, to prevent water damage from rotting out the kickboard.

After the crew finished installing the kickboard, they needed to clean up the property. Using a maganetic rake for the exterior, and a vacuum on the interior of the home, the crew made sure the property was spotless. After cleaning everything up, the crew headed back to the showroom.