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Skylight Replacement


A client of ours from Salem contacted us about replacing a couple of double-hung windows on the third story of their home, and their skylight as well.

Skylight Replacement


We sent over our Salesman Ed Burge, to examine the windows and skylight. After discussing all of our available window options with our client, they decided on installing two new Sunrise Essentials Series Double-Hung windows into the attic. For the skylight, they decided on installing a Velux VS C01 series skylight in place of the old one. After discussing the project with our client, Ed headed back to the showroom to put in the order for our clients new windows and skylight. A few weeks later, once the windows came into the shop, the crew headed back over to the residence in Salem to begin the installation process.
Skylight Replacement

Upon arriving to the job-site, the first portion of the job that the crew worked on was installing the new skylight. Our clients previous skylight was installed inches below the ridge of the roof, and since they wanted a new one installed, Ed felt it would be safer to install the new skyline a bit further away from the roof ridge line. In order to make this move, the crew need to remove the shingles around the existing skylight, as well as the skylight.

Skylight Replacement

interior trim. Next, the crew cut away the old frame and built a new one with Kiln-Dried lumber to fit the new skylight. After that, the crew installed the new skylight into its frame, shimming it into place. After the window had been fitted into place, the crew installed Ice and Water shield around the new window to protect it from water damage. After that, the crew installed new architectural style asphalt shingles around the skylight, matching our clients existing shingle color as closely as possible.

Once the shingles had been installed, the crew finished up the skylight installation by installing pre-primed trim around the interior frame of the skylight. The crew then caulked all the exterior edges of the skylight, ensuring no water would leak into the frame of the window and cause moisture damage. After finishing the skylight, the crew moved on to installing the two double-hung windows.

Both of the double-hung windows were located in the attic, so the crew brought the windows up to begin the install process. First, the previous windows had to be scored out of their frames. Using a sharp multi-tool to ensure minimal paint damage around the frame of the window, the crew carefully trimmed away the old caulking around the windows in order to remove the trim, and then eventually, the windows themselves. After removing the old windows, the crew checked the windows for any weight pockets that would need insulation. After that, the crew shimmed the new windows into their frames, and installed insulation around the windows to ensure they were air-tight. After that, the crew re-installed the trim, reattaching it all with fresh, brass hardware. The crew then caulked around the trim of the window to ensure everything was as air-tight as it could possibly be. Finally, the crew re-installed our clients shutters, and the window installation was complete.

To finish off the job, the crew cleaned up the job-site, inside and out. Using a vacuum for the interior and magnetic rake to check the yard for nails, the crew made sure the job-site was even cleaner than it was when they started.