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Window Replacement


A client from Stoneham reached out to us looking to replace four basement storm windows in a 100 year-old Bungalow home.


Our Salesman Ed Burge went out to Stoneham to meet with our client and discuss window options with her. They decided on Harvey Storm Windows for all four the windows. Once they had decided which windows they would choose, Ed took measurements of all of the window frames in order to windows that were the precise size needed. They were all the same dimesions except for one window that needed to be a quarter inch shorter vertically.
Window Replacement
After obtaining the windows, our crew headed up to Stoneham to get to work on installing our clients new stormw windows. First the old windows needed to be removed for their frames, so the crew carefully scored away the exterior trim from the old windows in order to slide them out of their frames. Once that was complete, the crew assessed the quality of the insulation inside the window frames, which was in good shape on this particular job. Once the insulation had been examined, the crew needed to slide the new windows into their frames and re-caulk them to ensure they were air-tight. After completing the installation by, the crew combed through the yard with their maganetic rake to recover any stray nails they may have dropped.

With the installation complete, the crew headed back to the showroom and our client enjoyed their new windows all winter!