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Window Replacement


A previous client who needed an upstairs window replaced a couple of years ago reached back out to us when they needed four new double-hung windows in their basement.


The client’s decided on installing the Sunrise Vanguard Double-Hung windows in their basement and all four windows needed new 1×3 Interior Select Pine stops. The four windows underwent a standard exterior installation, where the crew first cut away the existing exterior trim from the old windows with a sharp multi-tool. Once the trim had been scored away, the crew worked on removing the windows from the frames. The homeowners requested that the crew leave one of their old storm windows for them, which we would usually dispose of for the customers.

Window Replacement

Once the old windows were removed from their frames and disposed of, the crew needed to check the insultation within the window. After making sure that the clients window frames were properly insulated, including adding new insulation where it was needed, the crew got to work on installing the clients new double-hung windows. After installing the new pine-stops on the interior side of the windows, the crew began to slide the windows into place from the exterior one at a time. After the windows were in place, the crew re-installed the exterior trim on the home and caulked the frame to make sure the windows were sealed and secure.

The client’s new windows are air-tight, secure in their frames, and looked great! We also made a small repair on a window that we had previously installed that was beginning to stick in its tracks. After making sure the window was moving properly in its frame and completing the double-hung installation, the crew thoroughly cleaned out client’s home and made sure that the interior was free of dust, and the yard was free of nails. Another job well done!