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Window Replacement


A repeat customer of ours in Gloucester needed a few new double-hung windows installed into their home.


Our Salesman Sean Luddy drove up to Gloucester to go over the windows options we have available with our customer and give them an estimate for the work. After Sean had gone over all the options with our client, they decided on installing 6 new Double-Hung Sunrise Vanguard Windows.

After deciding on the style of windows, Sean took measurements of the frames, and sent off the measurements to the shop to get the windows custom-fitted to the openings.

 Window Replacement

The windows came into the shop and the crew headed up to Gloucester to copmlete the installation. In addition to the simple installation of the windows, the crew also needed to complete some light carpentry work done, including adding a window stool and apron to one of the basement windows because the existing ones were installed incorrectly.

To begin the installation, the crew needed to get the old windows out of their frames. The crew was doing a standard install so that meant scoring away all the old caulking and trim in order to slide the windows out of their frames. After checking the insulation within the windows and adding new insulation where it was needed, the crew needed to repair the stool and apron before they could install that basement window. They needed to use a sharp multi-tool in order to remove the poorly installed stool and apron.

After the light carpentry work was done to install the new apron and stool, the crew could get to work on installing the windows themselves. After scoring away the trim and caulking and removing the old windows, the crew easily fit the new windows into their frames, re-applied the previous trim that was in good condition and added fresh trim where it was needed. Finally, the crew needed to caulk around the windows to create the air-tight seal thats essential during those cold New England winters.

After cleaning up the job site, with a vacuum indoors and a maganetic rake to pick up any stray nails or screws outside, the crew headed back to Salem knowing that the client’s new windows would keep them warm no matter how many Nor’easters we get.