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Storm Windows


A customer in Salem called A&A about having a few storm windows on their property replaced, and we we’re happy to head over and give them an estimate.
Storm Windows


We went over our Salesman Sean Luddy to discuss our window options with our client. Our client decided they would replace 6 of their storm windows with our Harvey Tru-Channel Storm Windows. After deciding on which model of window our client wanted, Sean had to take measurements of all of the frames to ensure the windows would fit. He found the windows had slightly different dimensions and grouped them together accordingly, including a set of 3, a set of 2, and one individual window. After collecting the dimensions of all the windows, Sean went back to the showroom to send the order form off to have our clients windows custom-sized.
Storm Windows
After the windows came into the showroom, the crew went back over to the property to install the windows. To begin, our crew started with the three windows that were on the 1st floor porch. The screws on the window frame had been painted over so the crew needed to bring a chisel to be able to get the windows out of the frame. They scored away the paint and caulking around the stops, and then unscrewed the windows from their frames. After unscrewing the windows and removing them from their frames, the crew needed to check the windows for weights or pockets in the frame, which would need to be insulated. This particular home did not have them however, so the crew simply neeed to shim around the windows, put insulation in between the frame and window, and then reattach the stops and caulk around everything to ensure the windows had a tight seal.

Once the 1st story windows were complete, the crew completed the same installation process on the 3rd floor windows and the individual window on the C-side of the home. After all the windows were installed, the crew also installed a screen that our client needed for another window on the third floor.

After that simple screen installation was complete the crew cleaned up the jobsite, including windex on the windows, a vacuum for the interior of the home, and a magnetic rake on the outside. Once the clean-up was complete, they headed back to the showroom.