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Storm Door Installation


A previous client, for whom we installed new windows in September 2015, reached out to us about installing a new front storm door in their home.


Our clients old storm door needed to be replaced, and the frame recaulked, in order to create a proper seal. Our salesman went over our wide array of storm door options with the client before they ultimately decided on the Harvey Traditional Full View model with brasstone detailing. All of our Harvey Traditional models come with strong extruded corners to prevent sagging or breaking, adjustable bottom expanders with dual weatherstripping to ensure a tight fit to the threshold, and easy-to-change glass and screen inserts.

Storm Door Installation
Our foreman then installed the storm door for our client, recaulked the frame of the door, added weatherstripping to help create a secure seal to hold in heat during the cold New England winters, utilized a pre-primed pine rip to even out the doorway and help with the seal, and finished the job off by adding a top stop chain per the clients request.