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Shutter Replacement


A repeat customer of ours from Marblehead reached out to us looking to replace the aluminum shutters on their windows.


We sent over our salesman, Sean Luddy, who had worked with our clients before to discuss replacing their shutters. They had previously installed aluminum shutters on their windows, but decided they wanted to replace them with new louvered shutters. The clients wanted to have these shutters installed on every window on the home, except for a couple of windows on their garage.

After disucssing the project with our clients, Sean headed back to the showroom to order our clients new, louvered shutters. A few weeks later once the shutters arrived at the shop, the crew headed over to Marblehead to begin the installation process.

The job itself was fairly simple. After removing the existing gutters, the crew shimmed the new shutters into place, and reattached the shutters to the existing hinges, replacing any hardware as needed. After that. the crew needed to clean the work area to ensure any stray screws we’re picked up from the yard. After combing over the property and ensuring everything was clean, the crew headed back to the showroom.