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Ice Dams


A&A Services has been working with a customer in Danvers to help resolve their Ice Dam problems. This winter was very harsh, and due to the poor installation of gutters and a roof performed by another contractor, this homeowner had to deal with a lot of big issues. The heart of this problem lays with the previous installation of the roof. The other contractor this customer used neglected to install ice and water under-lament in key areas on their customer’s roof, which is a protective layer typically placed beneath the roofing shingles to prevent water penetration and help fight the formation of leaks and ice dams. Because this was not installed, water leaked into this customer’s attic, and rotted out their rafter rails. The Ice Dams which formed on this customer’s gutters may have still been manageable, but the previous contractor also botched the gutter installation; nailing the new fascia board loosely into rotted wood. Because of this, the new gutters and fascia board fell off the home under the weight of the ice dam.


We never like to see homeowner’s go through this situation. That is why we pride ourselves on our experience and dedication, and take the time to ensure that every job is completed correctly the first time.

Ice Dams

To resolve this homeowner’s situation, A&A Services installed a pre-primed, non-finger jointed fascia board for this customer’s gutters to be securely attached to, as well as reinforced this customer’s rafter-rails with high-quality wood stock to ensure the future stability and safety of their roof. We also installed Ice & Water shield in the important areas of the roof that the previous contractor overlooked, and also matched the new roofing shingles to the old for a clean and seamless look. The customer is now a lot happier and their home is prepared for next winter!