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Roof & Gutter Repairs


A client in Haverhill gave us a call about a roof that they had replaced in 2005. They moved into the home in 2001, replaced the roof 4 years later, and about 12 years after the replacement, the roof began to leak and the clients old contractor could not be contacted. This is where A&A stepped in.


The roof in question had begun to leak due to a section of poorly installed shingles. The client only needed about 5 shingles repaired to address and control the leakage issue, but they should have lasted longer than 12 years before leaks began to occur which calls into question the quality of the original installation. However, once A&A was done repairing the area, there was no more leakage issues.

Roof & Gutter Repairs

The client’s home was also in need of a gutter system. The D-Side of the home was missing a large section of gutters. Not having gutters on such a long section of the roof could have potentially caused water damage during a heavy rainstorm. If a home doesn’t have gutters and downspouts to catch and re-route the water away from the home, it just rolls off the roof around the side where the gutters are missing. If a large rainstorm comes by and saturates the surrounding ground enough, there is potential for the foundation of the home to slip on one side, and what was just a small shingle repair and gutter addition job could have become a much bigger, and more difficult, job. A&A doesn’t want that to happen, so when we notice a problem like that, we are always upfront and honest about what needs to be done to keep our client’s home safe and secure.