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Open Gutters


This winter was really rough, and a lot of homes were damaged as a result of the weather. This customer in Andover had a large ice dam on their roof that forced their gutters and fascia board off the home.


Open Gutters

We were able to repair a portion of this customer’s existing open gutter system, as well as replace some of the more damaged components. In an ice dam-related situation, it is not enough to just repair the immediate damage. Preventative measures must be taken to ensure that damage does not happen next year.

Most times ice dams can be reduced or eliminated through insulation. We used blown-in insulation to prevent ice dams from forming on this customer’s roof, ultimately protecting this customer’s gutter system and roof for the long-term.

In addition to gutter repairs and preventative insulation, A&A Services replaced this customer’s worn and faded shutters, one of which had melted due to the reflection from one of the windows installed on the home. Windows with a low-e rating have a magnifying effect on the sun’s rays, so the reflection of the sun was doing damage to the shutters previously installed. A simple fix to this is to install a thick screen on the window that will diffuse the reflection of the sun and protect other components of the home from damage.

This customer’s home is now much more prepared for the harsh conditions of winter.