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New Roof


Repeat customers of ours came to us when it was time to replace their roof. Their home, located in the scenic seaside town of Swampscott, MA, has spectacular ocean views. However, the locale also provides a unique challenge as it’s located on a steep cliff. While it provides spectacular views, it also presented a safety challenge for our work crew.


When it comes to working on a project such as this—where the home is not only located on cliff but has a main street and neighbors below it—it’s imperative that the safety of our crew comes first and that they are always harnessed to the roof. The second consideration our crew took throughout this project was debris management. Since there is a main street below the house as well as neighbors’ yard, our crew set up a large blue tarp that was attached to two trees in the yard to catch the falling debris. At the conclusion of this roofing project, our customers’ neighbors raved about the job A&A Services did and the attentiveness to cleanup afterwards.