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Gutter Replacement


Our client’s in Lynn needed an new gutter system installed on the entirety of their home. Over 130′ needed to be installed around the home, and the clients also asked to have Leaf Relief system installed in the gutters to keep them low maintenance. They also needed a small repair on a few feet of fascia board that had been damaged a couple of years ago during a particularly bad winter.


To begin, our crew needed to remove the old gutter system and downspouts from all three stories of the home. After removing the gutter system from the home, the crew needed to repair the small section of fascia board before installing the new gutter system, otherwise it would be difficult to reach behind the gutters. After checking all the fascia boards for rot and completing the repairs on the damaged section, the crew got to work on installing the gutter system to the home. 134′ of gutters were to cut to various lengths to fit each side of the home, from sections as long as 31′ on the D side of the home all the way down to 6′ near the corners of the roof. The crew also added new downspouts to all of the gutters as well, to divert the water away from the home.
Gutter Replacement
After installing the gutters and downspouts and making sure they were securely fastened to the home, the crew added all the needed end caps, strip miters, and elbows onto the gutter system, secured them with enamel coated zip screws, and then sealed everything with Geocel 2023 sealant, which is guaranteed to hold its seal for over 50 years! After making the gutter system water-tight, the crew caulked the back of the gutter system to the fascia boards with OSI Quad Max Sealant to stop water from dripping behind the gutter and causing rot.
Gutter Replacement
Finally the crew installed the Leaf Relief system in all of the gutters. This will help keep our client’s gutter system clean and low maintenance for years. No need to get up on a ladder to scrape out those leaves twice a year when you have Leaf Relief!

Finally, the crew thoroughly cleaned the property, with both a leaf blower and a maganetic rake in the yard to catch any stray nails. Our client’s were happy to know that they wouldn’t need to clean their gutters out this spring!