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Bay Window


We took out a Bay window (which is actually a picture window with two double hung on the sides) down to the rough opening. This is considered new construction. There was no frame for the existing window, this building is made from “Balloon Frame” construction, which is one of the least durable home designs around. These are the kinds of designs we see all the time, and so we need to build a frame specially for this giant bay window.


The window being installed (Marblehead, MA) weighs about 300 pounds, and it takes four people to set the window into place in the new construction opening. The window comes packaged to us from the factory, and when you walk up to the opening you can really see how there isn’t any framing whatsoever in the home. The new frame will support the window, and when the window is in place and shimmed we are then able to insulate and re-trim the new construction bay window.
Bay Window

On the outside in it’s rough state, we need to build a roof system after with new shingling. There is a steel cable that runs through the window frame. The cables are bracketed to the building so the weight of the window is more evenly distributed in this home. On the interior the new construction bay’s gaps are all gone and the seat board and headboard is painted.
Bay Window
Once the outside roof is built you can see how secure the new construction window looks. We painted the shutters, put new shingles on, and this is a beautiful new bay window this customer can enjoy for years to come.