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Gutter Shutter


This home in North Andover is set off in a beautiful wooded area. Surrounded by pine trees, this customer’s gutters had clogged for years due to all of the pine needles that would blow off the trees on their property. Eventually it got so bad that they had their gutters completely removed from their home.

After a few year without gutters, they began to experience the negative effects of rain and wind on a home with no gutters. Constantly peeling exterior paint and wood rot which put the overall appearance of their attractive home in jeopardy indicated that gutter removal alone was not the way to solve this issue


A&A Services offers a unique and innovative Clog-Free Gutter System called GutterShutter, which prevents debris such as leaves or even pine needles from entering the gutter and causing clogging. It is extremely difficult to keep traditional gutters clean near pine trees, which shed year-round.

Gutter Shutter

Our gutters have a clog-free guarantee for life, and also are guaranteed not to pull away from your home for 20 years.

This homeowner is very happy to be saving time and money with their new GutterShutter Clog-Free Gutter System, while at the same time their home has achieved a fresh and refined new look.