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Gutter Replacement


A client in Lynnfield reached out to us about a few different issues they were having. Their Colonial that was built in 2008 had reccuring ice dams in the winter which had caused some damage to their gutters. A couple sections of their gutters were ripped off by the ice dams, so they needed the gutters replaced in those sections, and they also wanted to discuss installing leaf relief into the gutter system as well, although they ultimately decided against it.

Gutter Replacement


During their initial estimate meeting, Sean, one of our Sales Represntatives, took measurements for the gutter system so the crew knew the exact length of gutter they needed. Sean established that the crew would need 37 continuous feet on the C-Side of the home, in addition to two sections of 13′ and two of 2′ for the front side of the home. The crew also needed 3 downspouts to drain the water away from the home.
Gutter Replacement
To begin, the crew needed to make sure the home was protected. They laid down tarping to protect the deck from any debris falling out off the gutters or off of the side of the home. After the tarps were laid down, the old, damaged gutter system needed to be removed. A few sections had already been torn down by the ice dams and the homeowners gave it to the crew to dispose of. Once the old system had been completely removed, the crew could get to work on installing the new gutters.

After removing the old system, the crew needed to examine the fascia board and rake tails for rot, both of which were in good shape. After confirming there was not rot, the crew was able to start installing the gutter system. They crew screwed the gutters into the home every 12 inches with a two point mounting system. They also sealed all end caps, and elbows with Geocell 2320 sealant and caulked the back of the new gutters to the fascia board with OSI Quad Max Sealant to keep water from dripping behind the gutters. which is what causes rot issues in the fascia board and rake tails.


Once the gutter system installation was complete, the crew made sure the gutters were clean, and throughly cleaned the work area with a leaf blower and maganetic rake under to catch any loose screws!