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Exterior Window Installation


We’re on a very unique Merrimack Valley window installation project. This is called an exterior window install. We’re actually cutting away the exterior stops on the window to put the window in from the outside. There is a decent amount of trim rot on this particular project, and to repair to put the window in, we start with the sill. There was lots of good meat on the sill so our lead carpenter; Pat, milled a sill out of pressure treated wood to match the existing look on the home and tied it in the existing section of the sill and sealed it with caulking. The wood is missing on the exterior window trim, so we replaced it for a nice clean look. Basically the interior and exterior “stops” hold the window in place when the window is put in from the outside.


Exterior Window InstallationThere is never enough caulking on a replacement window. We sealed the interior stops so no moisture could get in and followed up by sealing the exterior stops of the window. The window brick mold casing was still in good shape for this project and we were able to avoid a whole rip-out. Shimming the window is very important for the trim and casing of the window when the windows expand and contract in various temperatures. We have to put the shims in from the exterior for the install and actually lean out the window for the install. Once the shims are cut away we put new trim up and we were ready to wrap up.

From the inside, this is a stained frame with a white replacement window. These are double pane Sunrise Windows, these are highly energy efficient; solidly built fiberglass-reinforced and they are the primary window we install. In 25-30 year old homes like this one, the stops are built right into the window, and you can’t take them out to put a replacement unit in, so by installing the windows from the exterior you save all that beautiful finished woodwork for the customer.