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Entry Doors


These customers had hired a different contractor previously to install a basement entry door only about a year ago. The door was solid core lauan wood, and was installed incorrectly, which caused water to come into the basement and the door to begin rotting almost immediately. The Salem homeowners decided to give A&A Services a call because they knew they needed the door to be replaced immediately. In addition to the existing door being leaky, it was also surrounded by stone, which posed another challenge for our installers. Our team needed to be able to re-install a new door that was made out of the proper material for this environment. It needed to be able to resist rotting and prevent leaks, while still preserving the beautiful stone surrounding the doorway.

Entry Doors


Our team went out to the site and immediately determined that we should install a fiberglass door with an aluminum threshold. Since this door was serving as an entryway to the basement, we knew wood would not work in this case. We used PVC trim and vinyl-covered composite jamb molding and a lot of sealant, which is a good solution for an area that is always wet. The new door is clean, and the crew was able to preserve the surrounding stone. Now the homeowners don’t have to worry about water coming in through the door, and there is also no threat of rotting.