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Entry & Storm Door Replacement


The client called looking to replace their back entry door, as well as a possible storm door replacement and new screen.


The client decided to replace the entry door, as well as the storm door, and some additional light carpentry work was done. The client’s cabinets and counter-top were located in close proximity to the entry door in question, and the client indicated to us that they were concerned with protecting the cabinets as they nicked easily, so our crew made sure to cover the area with 3/8 inches of insulation and blue tape to protect them. The client decided on the Therma-Tru Smooth-Star S108 FXG model entry door. During the installation of the door our foreman discovered that the door jambs were too big to fit the door into the frame, so they custom cut the jambs for a perfect fit. Our foreman also remounted the doorbell after installing the new door.
Entry & Storm Door Replacement

Additionally, the client decided upon the Harvey Traditional Aluminium Hollywood model storm door which was installed in place of the previous storm door with no issues.
Entry & Storm Door Replacement
Finally, our foreman noticed that our client had a downspout on the C-side of their home that had two unsecured curves, which could have easily detached from the system during a heavy rainstorm. Our foreman easily installed a G-clip at the midpoint for extra support in order to proactively prevent our client from experiencing any drainage issues related to the spout.