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Double Hung Window Replacement


A customer in Marblehead reached out to us looking for 5 new windows installed in their home.


Our client’s in Marblehead had previously installed their windows in their single family home in the early 1980’s so it was time to replace them. The client needed four double-hung windows installed in their home, a set of two in the living room, a set of two in the dining room, and then a large Picture window between the double double-hungs in the living room.

The client’s decided to install the Vanguard Double-Hung windows and a Vanguard Standard Picuture window. Our Salesman Ed Burge sent the measurements to the shop to custom build the windows to their frames. Once the windows came in, our crew got to work installing them in the home.
Double Hung Window Replacement
First the crew needed to score away the old caulking and trim out of the windows in order to do a standard exterior install. After trimming away the exterior caulking of the window, the crew pulled the old windows out of their frames and disposed of them. Once the windows had been taken out of the frames, the crew needed to inspect the internal portion of the windows. The crew made sure the insulation in the windows was still in working condition, replacing it where necessary.

When installing the Picture window in the living room, the crew first needed to install the slim Double-Hung windows on either side of it. Once those window frames had been insulated and the windows installed, the crew slid the larger Picture window in between the two. The crew installed the new headers and sills in the windows, and then the existing trim was reapplied where it was needed. After that the crew made sure to caulk the windows in order to create a secure seal. The client’s new windows kept the elements out and the heat in this winter!