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502, 2024

Why People are Replacing the Siding on Their Houses


During the winter, a surprising yet beneficial trend is emerging for residential homeowners: replacing the siding on your house. Thinking about upgrading your siding during the winter may sound silly. But contrary to popular belief, the winter is an ideal time to schedule these renovations because of the numerous benefits.  At A&A Services, our siding has been trusted by homeowners in the North Shore for over 40 years. We’re experts at roofing, windows, doors, and ...

502, 2024

How to Prevent Snow from Ruining Your Roof During the Winter

Roof Maintenance|

With the winter weather in full swing in New England, there’s no better time than now to learn how to prevent snow from ruining your roof. Snow can weigh up to 30 pounds per cubic foot while it sits on your roof, and can cause expensive damage to your roof and gutters while it sits and melts days later.  The best way to prevent these costly problems and headaches is to contact a professional roofing ...

801, 2024

The Benefits of New Windows in the Winter Weather


Having updated, properly functioning windows in the winter is essential. From keeping your energy bills down to eliminating chilly, uncomfortable drafts from your home, new windows will help your family to save money, reduce energy waste and allow you to feel more comfortable throughout the long New England winters and beyond.  Are your windows outdated and letting cold air inside? A&A Services has been installing energy efficient windows in Salem, MA and throughout the North ...

1612, 2022

Replacing Your Windows Can SAVE You Money!

Energy Efficiency|

Worried about inflation and the costs of fuel to heat your home? You are not alone! Starting in 2023, there are some great federal tax credits available through The Inflation Reduction Act for energy-efficient window, door, and skylight installations. ENERGY STAR® is the government-backed symbol for energy efficiency, products for your home that use less energy and save you money. Starting in 2023, ENERGY STAR® certified windows and skylights come with a $600 total federal ...

1309, 2022

Why We Only Use Sunrise Vanguard Windows

Energy Efficiency|

  ​When it comes to replacing the windows on your home, we know there’s a lot to consider. For over 40 years, our job has been to know which products are best for our customers! There are many factors that influence homeowner purchasing decisions such as price, style, specifications, and more. Since 2007, our window of choice has been Vanguard Windows by Sunrise. We believe choosing Vanguard Windows for your window replacement project will add ...

1805, 2022

Why Quality Vinyl Siding is Good for Homes in Rainy New England


We absolutely love old homes, old buildings, and the North Shore’s craftsman-style homes. They were built to last – and longevity is a key value A&A Services shares. Our 40 years of remodeling homes across the North Shore have made us experts in quality installation. The homes built in and around Salem, Boston’s North Shore, and across New England took our climate into account during construction. While it’s common enough to see siding made from ...

1404, 2022

Adding Storm Windows in Historic Salem

Storm Windows|

Historic buildings and homes often occupy a special place in people’s hearts and imaginations. Here in Massachusetts, we’re fortunate enough to be virtually surrounded by historic buildings. While some prefer newer construction, the popularity of sites like Circa Old Houses and their crossover HGTV show Cheap Old Houses indicates that architectural charm and history remain strong motivators for buyers — and entertainment. Our own Salem has a strong connection with historic homes and the pop ...

1503, 2022

All About Vanguard Windows by Sunrise

Energy Efficiency|

When it comes to replacing the windows on your home, we know there’s a lot to consider. Trust us – for over 40 years, our job has been to know what’s best for our customers! We consider what makes one product superior to another, which products will fare best in Salem’s climate, how effectively the manufacturer's window seals your home to how effectively the finish inspires jealousy in your neighbors (kidding – but we know ...

2802, 2022

Energy-Efficient Windows and the Savings They Can Bring


The windows of a home can offer some insight into the people who live there – specifically, how much money those people are prepared to lose in heating and cooling costs! If you’re planning a window replacement project, you’re likely weighing the pros and cons of sticking with your current windows. It’s hard for us to imagine a scenario in which choosing to keep old, energy-inefficient windows in a house is considered the best choice ...

1212, 2021

Why Do My Windows Have Condensation?


If you live in Salem, MA, you’re well aware of our harsh winters and temperature swings. Our winter days can rise above freezing, but temperatures regularly dive under that threshold at night. During these wide temperature fluctuations,  you might have noticed condensation forming on your windows. It can form on the inside of your windows, the outside, or even between the panes of glass if you have multi-paned windows. What gives, and why is it ...

3011, 2021

Common Roofing Issues in Winter


It’s almost the most wonderful time of the year--winter! For those of us living in the great state of Massachusetts, that usually means lots and lots of snow. While snow is great for making snowmen and the occasional snowball fight, it’s not necessarily the best when piled in excess on top of your roof. Although your roof was built to withstand a certain amount of wear and tear, it can only take so much before ...

2010, 2021

Getting the Exterior of Your Home Ready for Fall

Helpful tips, Tips & Tricks|

It is one of the most beautiful times of the year in Salem, Massachusetts: Autumn! The air outside is fresh, crisp, and slightly cool. The leaves are beginning to change colors and fall off the trees and you see pumpkins adorning some of your neighbors' porches. It’s the perfect time to walk around the perimeter of your home with your freshly brewed cup of coffee and ponder all of the different things you want and ...